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Welcome to Ringwood School’s Application System. We are delighted that you will be joining the Ringwood School family in September. Our new Admissions + system is designed to be a ‘one stop shop’ for all of the information you will want to know about up and coming induction and transition events and activities. It will also guide you through the ‘on-boarding’ system and will hopefully make it very easy for you to complete the necessary forms that we will need to fully register your child with our school. For additional information, tips and video guides please head to the "Information for Year 6" playlist on the School's YouTube page.  


At Ringwood School we pride ourselves in offering a broad curriculum, giving your child the opportunity to experience a wide range of lessons, some which they will be familiar with and some that are introduced at secondary school which offer new and exciting opportunities. The education of the whole child is exceptionally important to us and we therefore offer a rich programme of extra-curricular opportunities to help your child develop their interests and passions.  We hope that your child will be very happy here. We can’t wait to meet them!